iStock_000002834763MediumPurchasing a vehicle is one of the most stressful transactions because it’s not something most of us do everyday. We want to get the best possible deal but just don’t know the ins and outs of the process. Knowledge is the key to the best all-round deal.  Click here to learn more about the educational materials available through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Buying a new or new-to-you car, truck or van can be daunting; however, Turbine CU has made the process as easy as possible with an online application. We can either pre-approve you for your loan before you shop or you can bring us the Buyer’s Order from the dealer to process your loan.

Our online application offers instant approval.

Refinance Your Current Auto Loan

Give us the opportunity to refinance your current auto loans. In most cases, we can lower your rate by at least 1%. It’s easy to apply online (button to online application) and receive an instant approval.*

*Conditional approval may require further underwriting and may require additional information.
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Green Sport car on a highwayTo find the value of your trade or the vehicle you are looking to purchase, check out our pricing guides. Click here for more information.

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