Turbine CU Merges with Self-Help CU


About Self-Help Credit Union

Self-Help Credit Union is a North Carolina-based credit union that serves approximately 75,000 members through branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and one location in Southwest Virginia.

More broadly, Self-Help Credit Union is part of the Center for Community Self-Help (also known as Self-Help). Self-Help was founded to help rural workers avoid predatory lending practices. Today, Self-Help is a leading national community development financial institution.

Self-Help is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and provides responsible financial services; loans to individuals, small businesses and nonprofits; real estate development funding and expertise; and promotes fair financial practices across the nation. Self-Help’s mission is to create and protect ownership and economic opportunity for all. Since its founding in 1980, Self-Help has provided over $8.5 billion in financing to more than 159,000 families, individuals and businesses.

Turbine CU merged with Self-Help CU on December 1, 2019. 

Website: self-help.org.