Financial Success Begins With Education

Most people learn money management from their families without other educational opportunities in school or even in college. The financial environment has changed dramatically since the turn of the century and will continue to change. Americans are still recovering from the 2008 Great Recession. Credit scores mean more today than they did in 2000. Now, FICO scores are used to price car insurance no matter your payment history with insurance companies. Employers are now using scores to help them select new hires because studies show that financial stress is as dangerous as heart disease and obesity.

In August 2015, the board and management participated in a strategic planning session where they explored these and other statistics. During the session, they made the decision to focus on providing members with financial education and support to help them realize their financial dreams.  They crafted this vision statement to focus the future of Turbine FCU.

Vision Statement: 

The vision of Turbine FCU is to educate and engage our credit union family to achieve financial security through all life stages.


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